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Thursday, 5 April 2012


Find unlimited social bookmarking sites.

Aren’t you tired of browsing social bookmark sites list given by other people? why not find them on your own.

I know some people might already know how, and I also know lots of people might want to kill me for this.
I’ve been doing social bookmarking service so I know this works for me, give it a try.

So here’s how you can find social bookmarking sites from search engines:

Know the Platforms

There are three major social bookmark platforms that I know of, pligg, scuttle/scuttlePlus, and PHPDug.
Once you know these then finding the sites is peace of cake.

Basic Search

This is the most common way to search for social bookmarking sites. Just type in:

“Powered by …..”

Replace the …. with the platform:
HTML Code:

“Powered by pligg”
“Powered by scuttle”
“Powered by scuttlePlus”
“Powered by PHPDug”

The reason to do this is because by default all platforms have those signatures in their products.
You can find usually at the bottom of social bookmarking sites.

This method can also be used to find forums.

Advanced Search

Now I said the platforms are by default have those signatures, but what if the social bookmark sites’ owners decided to remove them?
They will actually, most of the sites that you can find using the above method would be sites with lower PR, most is 3 or even 4.

This is how you find sites from “more serious” owners and the chance to get higher PR social bookmark sites,
You need to identify a unique url in each platform, for example:

In Pligg, they have a function for searching stories, they use the following url:
HTML Code:


Then you would use it in search engines like this:

HTML Code:


Other examples:

HTML Code:


HTML Code:


Play around with the methods, you can collect as many social bookmarking sites that you want.
The methods work for just about anything with similar platforms.


You can use any search engines for this, but I prefer yahoo instead of google.
Google can stop your search with a reason that your search is similar to how hackers/viruses work.

Use pagerank and/or dofollow tools like firefox addon searchstatus to help you in your search.
If you just want to collect the sites just do it, check the PR later with digixmas’ pagerank tool (bulk pagerank check).


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